Building human-centered A.I.

Unleash the power of trust and predictions by embedding intelligence in the product experience.

Supported by one of New York's best incubators we are building MARCIE, an AI stack for long form content.

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MARCIE helps writers save time and money.

Envision a digital age, automated by A.I.

Think big. Dig deep.

An innovation lab that asks 'why not?'. We aspire to build a digital age, automated by A.I., that partners with humans.


We protect property rights and copyrights by making it a fundamental requirement of our product design.

Ease of use.

We embedded intelligence in our features to maximize usability and minimize clicks.


We design A.I. for specific use cases, which improves accuracy of inferences.

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Stories serve humanity. MARCIE serve storytellers.

Tell amazing stories and thrive in A.I. economy

MARCIE is a one-stop platform for managing writing projects, collaborating with the community, and generating fast analytic feedback on your story.

Your workflow. 

Use your tools, email, and the native messaging app with MARCIE.

Direct input. 

Built for writers, by writers, and publishers.

Researched backed. 

Creative moments, photo inspiration, expense tracking, journaling, deep writing. Solved!

Intuitive tools. 

Designed for natural interactions and familiar user experience.

Fast Feedback. 

Speed and control over your writing journey.

Career journey. 

Save time and money. Write more. Tell amazing stories.

Frequently asked questions

  • What's the founder's motivation and vision for building MARCIE?

    Having cheered and supported his writer wife Karin for years, Nikhil was inspired to help writers build a platform of their own. Karin is a professional writer. She has published 10 books, which includes a 7 book series. She can be reached at:

    Nikhil has observed similarity between writing code and writing a book - problem solving and creativity, design decisions/narrative arc, code refactoring/revising drafts, testing/seeking feedback, minimal viable product/advance reader copy, shipping/publishing, digital marketing, testimonials, and references. Developers use lots of tools. However, highly effective toolchains are an indisputable component of their productivity and success. Writers too have access to tools. What they don't have is their own AI powered toolchain. That is what MARCIE is.

    What Open Source software did for developers, we envision doing it for writers. Give them the power to do awesome work at incredible speed.

  • What's the founder's background?

    Nikhil has deep experience in tech, cloud, and AI. He loves to read, write, be active, and prioritizes an idyllic lifestyle.

    Nikhil has written two very short non-fiction articles for executives -
    Anatomy of Speed, Run With The Mountain

    Nikhil can be reached on LinkedIn at:

  • Is MARCIE's development funded bootstrapped?

    Yes! We built the entire stack - webapp, text-to-web AI, the M.AR.C.I.E engine, the automation, cloud infrastructure - for tenth of the cost of what a funded startup spends over multiple years. Engineering can be expensive for non-tech founders and product teams. We know how to be frugal and execute really well. MARCIE can be accessed at:

  • What is MARCIE?

    MARCIE is a human sounding name for a powerful AI called M.AR.C.I.E. It stands for Multidimensional ARray Configuration Inferred Expression. We built M.AR.C.I.E to serve as a foundation for the platform for writers. It's THE thing that makes the platform deliver value for writers.